Opinion. All Generalizations are false. ;-)



..For a long time I have been seeking a small electric powered wheel for a number of purposes – inquiries in China revealed such a “single wheel” 10Kg which can be DIRECTLY RIDDEN ... Just what a backpacking traveller needs.

And the specifications? ...Well... Those, Quality and Value – durability -can vary a lot. There's quite a few “badge engineers” on the market, and several designs, some of whose specifications you should not believe, other than “colour” perhaps...

The ones made by “Joyor” use a large direct multi pole hub engine, rather than a small motor with a belt drive, like Air-wheel - here's the Joyor, and its details


This is NOT badge engineering – here's their factory

Other manufacturers I'll also check out.

* Response from Air-Wheel was “not interested” - perhaps just as well.

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